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What is the Bolt Loans Process?

Getting a loan doesn’t have to be a difficult or stressful process, especially if you go with Bolt Loans! To get your money fast, all you have to do is follow three simple steps:

Fill Out Your Information

Fill out the brief inquiry form and find out if your vehicle is pre-approved!

Send in your Documents

Upon approval, your loan processor will be in touch to discuss some of your loan specifics, as well as request a few documents.

Get your Money

After your documents have been processed, your lender can prepare your contract to sign, so you can get your money right away!

How Can I Get my Loan Money?


Getting your loan money can be a simple, quick, and discreet process. Choose between direct deposit, or picking up your money directly at the closest MoneyGram location to your home.

Choosing direct deposit allows for ultimate confidentiality in receiving your loan money. There is no need to leave your house or get off the couch when you receive your money via direct deposit. Avoid the hassles and the lines and have your money sent to you.

Choosing an in-person pickup at a MoneyGram location allows for convenience in receiving your loan money, even if you don’t have a bank account. With thousands of MoneyGram locations all over the nation, you can pick the one closest to your home or neighborhood and pick up your loan money there.

What are the Requirements to Get a Loan?


One of the great things about working with Bolt Loans is that an extensive list of accomplishments isn’t always necessary in order to gain approval for a loan.

Even if you have a less-than-fantastic credit score, you are still encouraged to apply for financial assistance with Bolt Loans. Unlike with many other loans and lenders, credit isn’t the only deciding factor Bolt Loans considers when determining approval.

Other kinds of financial histories, like bankruptcy or debt, also aren’t deal-breakers when it comes to Bolt Loans. Bolt Loans is proud to help all kinds of people with a diverse backgrounds of financial history.

What Documents are Required for a Loan?


After you have been approved, your loan processor will request a few documents from you. You may have these documents in your home already, so it may be a good idea to gather them before you apply. That way, you can have them ready to go upon approval, which could help you receive your money as quick as possible.

Here are the basic documents your loan processor will request of you:

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of Residency
  • Proof of Income
  • References

There is a chance that other documents may be requested as well, but your loan processor will discuss that with you if need be.

What Kind of Credit Do I Need for a Loan?


One of the best things about Bolt Loans is that perfect credit isn’t required. It is possible to receive approval if you have bad credit, or even no credit. There is even a chance you may be able to build on credit by successfully paying off the balance on your loan.

Some places like banks, or credit unions can refer to only a consumer’s credit score to determine eligibility for financial assistance. Unfortunately this can leave out many credible applicants just because their credit score isn’t the best.

Bolt Loans tries to be more inclusive and do things differently by looking at multiple factors, besides just credit, when determining loan approval.

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